Vulcan (Screw Together) Smooth Cap


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Exactly the same stylish exterior as the Falcon, the Vulcan is connected by precision engineered threads that disconnect in less than two turns. This method is preferred by those with a more rugged lifestyle coupled with being a more affordable option.

Weight 93g Dimensions 70 X 20dia Capacity 4.4cc 4 grams Salt 2 Grams Pepper

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Easy fill by removing the cap completely

3 pouring holes per chamber 6 with difference hole ranges for salt and pepper in the Falcon and Vulcan

Chamfered hole in cap for better view lining up with holes in chamber, additionally this chamfer prevents residual salt or pepper spilling after use

Additionally the chambers have marks denoting the size and position of the pouring holes

The use of “O” rings to prevent unintentional opening and to give a satisfying smooth action.

The current Season-iT Range designs are :-
“UK Registered design no 6191939”
“UK Registered design no 6191940”
“UK Registered design no 6191941”

The Season-iT range comes in simple packaging, currently using minimal plastic. Our aim is to reduce this to zero plastics in the near future.

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Machined, Polished

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