Are they water tight?2023-07-12T11:15:26+00:00

They are not fully water tight i.e. some water will ingress if fully submerged. This will not cause a problem, other than the need to replace the condiment after drying your favourite dispensers.
Please note that salt naturally draws moisture in, this is not a problem if you use your pride and joy regularly.

Can I put other condiments in the shakers?2023-07-12T11:16:56+00:00

Yes you can, a chilli cap option will be included in the next production run.

Can I buy one smooth and one ribbed cap as a pair?2023-07-12T11:20:58+00:00

At the moment we are only offer ribbed or smooth cap sets and they cannot be mixed. However, you could buy a smooth Falcon and ribbed Vulcan and mix them up.

Do you ship internationally?2023-07-12T11:26:17+00:00

Yes! We do ship internationally, you can find a list of available countries in our shipping rates page.

Please note we don’t take any responsibility for any import fees or taxes on delivery.

Are they dishwasher safe?2023-07-12T11:31:45+00:00

Yes stainless steel is dishwasher safe. However, we recommend cleaning by hand due to the small size of the components.

Do the Polished versions keep their shine?2023-07-12T11:34:47+00:00

They will dull with time, this depends on the environment you keep them in. However, they will easily buff up to original finish.

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